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Appreciating our Youth

The fountain of youth – we’re all looking for it. The more we think we need it, the more elusive it becomes. As we look in the mirror and see the changes that only time can bring, we realize that, if we’d known what our bodies were going to do as they got older, we would have appreciated them more when they were young. And, we wonder, is there any way we can recapture some of the health and vitality we took for granted now that we are wise enough to know what it is?


The good news is – yes! We can recapture some of who we were through the wonders of modernity, which capitalize on that which our bodies do naturally. One of the primary building blocks of our bodies are amino acids, which bond together to form proteins. Proteins are necessary for our bodies to function at the most fundamental levels. They are comprised of chains of amino acids, which bond together in different combinations and orientations to produce different functionality within our bodies. For example, amino acids help regulate basic functions like:

  • Immune response and function
  • Digestion
  • Management of inflammation
  • Repair of injured or damaged tissue
  • Hormonal balance (or imbalance)

Specifically, Peptide BPC 157

Naturally, specific peptides are beneficial for specific areas of health. The peptide BPC 157 is derived from gastric fluids that occur naturally in the body’s digestive system. The acronym BPC stands for body protection compound. BPC 157 is a synthetic compound, which means that it is created in a laboratory. It is comprised of 15 amino acids which, when strung together in this combination and order, may provide a number of health benefits. BPC 157 was, initially, found to be beneficial in healing stomach ulcers. Other benefits of BPC 157 include:

  • Healing of other intestinal damage
  • Regeneration of muscles
  • Facilitating the regrowth of soft tissue

At Vital Infusions & Performance we believe in the healing power of BPC 157 peptides. We have seen firsthand how this treatment can not only improve gut health but also help to heal tissue. Some other benefits of BPC 157 include:

  • Assists in healing wounds, bones, and tendons
  • Reduces pain levels
  • Facilitates a quicker recovery after an injury has occurred
  • Increases collagen synthesis 
  • GABA neurotransmission is improved

BPC 157, like other peptide therapy, is a natural alternative to traditional methods of treating an injury and increasing overall health and wellness. Peptide therapy, including the peptide BPC 157, is a cutting-edge therapeutic modality that supports the achievement of your health goals.

Why Vital Infusions & Performance?

Vital Infusions & Performance is ready and able to support your wellness journey. Our staff consists of medical professionals committed to helping you, whether you’re healing from an injury, seeking balance for your hormones, or desirous of feeling like your younger self. Our staff will do a comprehensive medical examination to ensure that your treatment is designed specifically for you and not just a one-size-fits-all quick fix. Our mission is to create a plan tailored to your needs using the newest medical advancements in hormone and peptide therapy, and we are committed to providing quality care at every visit.

Call us @ 580 VIP-SHOT to begin feeling your best. Let us support you in your journey to the wellness of your youth.

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